We are XII-C-ompetent (Upper Science-Non Medical -2008)

Class XII-C is indeed a class of its own,

where everybody is a star in his/her own way.
Really, a class beyond compare,
It makes everyone stand and stare.

Danzey is so shy, yet definite in all manners &
a great mathematician too…..
Trinley is bold and funny,
whether the day is cloudy or sunny.
Jamyang is simple; on her nose you will find a spectacle.
Ngawang yeshi seldom joins the fun &
likes to stay away from everyone.

Ah! Karma Wangyal is the naughtiest of all,
without him, our class looks dull & dead.

Sherab is a leader from every side;
Tashi kyi & Wawa prefer to be twosome;
Karma(choezom & Wangyal) are always quarrelsome.
Thuley is fine and witty, but
you will never know what is cooking in his mind..
Always has something to say…

Nyima is our latest actor, with a little effort,
he can become a Korean actor.
Khando is our class monitor… a fun filled lady.
but beware; she has an eye of spy.
Samten looks smart & dashing in every angle.
Choedak is our class smiley… Smile never leaves him alone.

Doungbu, Dorji & khando are the pride of our class.
They make our classshine every now and then.

We are XII-C-ompetent.
To our classmate, may luck favour us always
& Success be on our side.

(My article on my dear class & classmates written 3 yrs back.. some keepsake memories…!!!! )
(More Ph0tos also updating soon. stay tuned..)


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