Shivering gloomily at different paces through the different steps of life, mourning at the karmic losses & being grateful at the cheerful deeds, the Life goes on…
Since my childhood, i personally experienced a lot of feelings, up-downs, gestures and views of the LIFE’s aspects.  From Success to failure,  Smiles to aggression,  & heights to low.  Life seemed to be so Joyful sometimes, but we never guaranteed the limit of those smiles. Wrinkled with tears, Life test our emotions really hard sometimes. But life have to go on & had to be lived as it goes….
Some say, life’s a struggle. Frankly YES, life is a struggle but not in a way can we experience its beauty unless there is some sort of a masala in our unpredictable life. Then will we have a real meaning to our survival.
That’s why, life need to go on…. Life has to go on….


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